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Why get your windshield replaced?windshield replacement

If you have a crack or a chip in your glass then there are a lot of highly important reasons that you must get your glass replaced quickly.

Here are some of those most important reasons:

  • Even a small chip or crack in the windscreen can obscure your vision which can prevent you from react quickly to upcoming hazards
  • Small cracks can compromise the durability of your windshield – it might be that the next stone or pebble goes straight through the glass and causes an injury!
  • Likewise, your windshield might be easier for a trespasser to break into if it is damaged
  • Gaps in your windshield can let in cold air and moisture
  • Small cracks and chips in your windshield can get worse over time so you should get the problem dealt with as soon as possible
  • A cracked or chipped windshield can severely undermine the look of your car. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have it looking as good as new?

At Grand Prairie Auto Glass, we offer quick and affordable windshield replacement so that you’ll have a completely new windshield in no time.

Anatomy of a Windshield Replacement

Did you know that your windshield is more than just a sheet of auto glass?

In order to provide you with the maximum safety and security, your windshield actually employs a very smart design. This is actually two identical sheets of glass that are aligned perfectly together with a thin layer of air and double-sided adhesive laminate plastic through the middle. This serves the purpose of providing additional insulation, while at the same time holding your glass in place even if it breaks. What’s more, it means that if your windshield is hit by a pebble or a stone, it’s unlikely to go through both layers of glass.

On top of that, your windshield will be attached firmly in place and bonded to the frame of the car at the molecular level. This enables the windshield to actually add to the structural integrity of your vehicle, such that it can help hold the roof up if it should roll over!

Other windshields also have additional features – like thin wire meshes that conduct heat and help you to disperse condensation and frost.

When you use our windshield replacement services, we make sure that your new windshield is just as secure, safe and functional as the original so your car will be just as good as new – or better even! We handle the process quickly at low cost too, so you won’t need to take a huge amount of time out of your day.

Do You Need Windshield Replacement?

If it’s only one layer of glass that is damaged, then you might not need to have windshield replacement and it might be sufficient to simply repair your existing auto glass. If you bring your car in.

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